Fayoum International Art Center

Founded by the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Abla in 2006, the idea of the Art Center was inspired by the International Summer Academy in Salzburg, where Abla teaches. The Art Center is a place for artists to meet and get involved in workshops, with an exhibition hall to support and exhibit art work and an Art library.
The center is located by Lake Qarun in Fayoum, which is one hour away from Cairo. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, sand dunes and palm trees, close to the Waterfalls –“Wadi El Rayan” and “Wadi Hetan” (The Whale Valley), which are very inspiring to artists.

The center has a Winter Academy that takes place during the month of January and lasts for six weeks. During these six weeks there is an opportunity to visit many of the tourist sites in Fayoum and Cairo, as well as, exhibitions and lectures by prominent Egyptian Artists.
The Academy is an open gate for exchange of culture and experience, on a common artistic ground for collaboration and interaction to develop ideas without any barriers; it is a new experience and observation of social, cultural and artistic attitudes. This makes it an expanded studio for the artists to explore within the context of the place, in collaboration with the environment – experimentation and interaction with other artists and the environment.

The aim of the Academy is to explore different materials and experiment with the environment to produce unique art pieces that could inspire other artists later. Artists receive supervision from professors that are available during the academy and discussions with other artists. Courses include painting, printmaking, Sculpture, video art and media. This year the Art Center will hold the First Fayoum Very Short Film Festival, which will be a result of the work that took place during the academy, as well as other applicants from all over the world. There will be a prize for the best film. As well as, there is the possibility within the winter academy to experience calligraphy and ceramics since Fayoum is well known for its ceramic and pottery work.



The courses are for free, you only pay your flight ticket and accommodation fees. The accommodation will be either on the center premises or in a 2 minute away guesthouse called “Zad Al Mosafer”; it costs 20 euros per day.

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